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Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Airtx was born out of the need to replace air conditioning suppliers for our own applications in Latin America and the United States. We are customers of our own product, which means we understand the needs of our clients and have become regional experts.

Airtx thermal control management solutions provide an excellent balance of high predictability, high power density, optimal energy savings, and design adaptability, to deliver all-in-one efficiency.

Leveraging our expertise in high-tech development, we have infused cutting-edge technology into our processes and products. This ensures superior thermal control for a wide range of applications.

Airtx is the only Latin American engineering brand that manufactures world-class, next-generation specialized thermal management solutions for electrical and electronic cabinets.

We develop time-efficient, energy-efficient and cost-efficient solutions, and we are committed to protecting our customers and our distribution channels with excellence in engineering and maintenance services. 

Work With Us.


We are part of the Jaguar de México Business Group, which has over 30 years of experience in innovating cutting-edge technology products.

time efficiency

We ensure an optimal time-to-market to enable our clients to respond to market needs in the most efficient way.

Innovation Partners

We view our clients as partners in innovation. We provide a 1:1 and fully personalized approach to our client relationships, deeply understanding their needs and efficiently responding to the complexities of any project.

Quality Certifications

We hold ISO 9001-2015-IQNET certifications and an ICRAE READY quality management process.

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